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“I Feel Sorry For Men Who Have Never Dated Non-Nigerian Ladies” – Nigerian Man



A Nigerian man has taken to his Instagram page to blast Nigerian ladies whom he says are entitled, narcissist, and expect men to give them money even when they have done absolutely nothing to deserve such.His post is in response to a tweet by a lady who said,

“The average Nigerian man is an unexposed, belligerent, unteachable, desperately unrepentant dimwit”

Read how the Nigerian man reacted to her tweet below.
“I honestly feel bad for Nigerian men who have never experienced relationships with non-Nigerian ladies and I’m not talking about overseas.

Even Ghanaian or Kenyan women. The AVERAGE Nigerian woman is a self entitled narcissist, who feels money and gifts are her rights even when she does absolutely nothing for you, not even hold a good conversation either in person or via text, typing like someone with epileptic seizures with the annoying abbreviations.

The average Nigerian woman will go on a date with every Tom, dick, Harry and all his uncles just for a chance to get a free meal and movie tickets. The average Nigerian woman sees spending her money on dates as a Taboo, but is quick to talk trash about having “vex money”, lol nobody cares about your vex money, come with actual spending money.

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In conclusion the average Nigerian woman is a pest with nothing to offer but headache and hassles. Thank you for reading. God bless”