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I Can’t Get Justice From ICPC; They Think I’m Psychotic – OAU Sex-For-Mark Lady, Monica Osagie



Monica Osagie, the graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University, who leaked the alleged audio conversation between her and Professor Richard Akindele in February, tells Sunday Aborishade that her life has been miserable since she exposed the sex-for-mark scandal

How are your parents handling the issue presently?

It took a while before my dad got to know about it. He found out the day my face was published on the front page of The Punch Newspapers. So, he asked me what happened and I told him the truth.

Are you aware that the ICPC is already investigating the case and has started questioning Akindele?

I know that the ICPC is investigating the case as a matter of fact my phone is still in their custody since the last seven weeks. I had to go and retrieve my line because I use the line for business.

Were you also invited you for questioning?

Yes, but I really don’t know why because the professor said I am psychotic. Unfortunately, when I went for the investigation, the man questioning us agreed that I am psychotic because I am temperamental and my voice was harsh. For a government official to pass such a judgment on me when he had yet to take me to a doctor for examination, made me to lose confidence in the ICPC investigation

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Are you satisfied with the punishment received by Akindele already?

I wish Professor Akindele should be charged to court. First, for assassinating my character, the psychological trauma he put me through in school due to that I couldn’t give my best when I did my project which got my supervisor saying something negative and this happened to be the same man I complained to that Professor Akindele was sexually harassing me yet he did nothing but ended up shutting me out and pretended I never tried going through the right channel to complain about such nasty act. He has no remorse for what he did, the lives he had ruined due to his corrupt act. For this reasons he should be charged to court.

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