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How To Auto Share Your Blog Post on Facebook Group



As a blogger all you think about every time is how to drive traffic to your website because when the traffic is poor the earning is poor too.

So in this post we’II be sharing with you a sure way to auto share you blog post to a Facebook group, in this guide we will be using, so sign up for free and the rest are easy

Facebook recently made changes to their platform to promote a better environment for all of their users.

As part of these updates, Facebook is requiring all Facebook Groups to be reconnected to any services , by August 1, 2018. Reconnecting your Facebook Group to will ensure that we can continue posting without interruption. To ensure seamless posting!

NOTE: Reconnecting was used here for old users, but for new users just connect and add socials, and follow same process as regard to facebook.

To reconnect/connect your Facebook Group:

1) Log into

2) Click Socials

Facebook groups reauth 1


3) Click on your Facebook Group

facebook groups reauth 2


4) Click Reconnect

5) Follow the Reconnection prompts.

Once you’ve followed the steps to Reconnect, you will need to allow the App in your Facebook groups Settings. To do this, follow the steps below:

1) Log into your Facebook account

2) Navigate to your group

3) Click on More, then click on Edit Group Settings


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4) Scroll down to Apps, then click on Add Apps


5) Click on from the list

— NOTE: Facebook displays at the end of this list – along with other apps whose names begin with a lower case letter. For whatever reason, Facebook treats “d” and “D” differently when sorting alphabetically.


6) Click on the Add button on the screen that pops up

7) You’re all done!

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