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Young Boy Abducted By Ritualists In Benue, Abandoned On A Road In Abuja (Photo)



A young Nigerian man has escaped death by the whiskers after being abducted by ritualists in Benue and abandoned in Abuja.
Parents of a young boy identified as Daniel who was reportedly abandoned along Kubwa expressway in Abuja after he was allegedly kidnapped by suspected ritualists, have been called upon to identify and take him home.

A good Samaritan, Ozurumba Uzoma revealed that the boy identified as Daniel entered a car along with other schoolchildren from Gboko to Tumbi area in Benue state before they were allegedly tied up and put in the booth of the vehicle by suspected ritualists.

It was reported that the suspected ritualists dropped him on the road for reasons best known to them before moving with other abducted kids.

The boy is currently at the Kubwa phase 4 police station in Abuja as efforts are made to locate his family.

Below is what Ozurumba Uzoma shared on Facebook:

The days are evil, was exercising this morning and saw a young boy crying by the side of the road on Kubwa express. Walked up to him and asked him the problem, it turns out he took a car with other young school boys hoping to go from Gboko to Tumbi in Benue but unfortunately they were ritualist who tied them up along the way and put them in the booth.

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That journey started on Monday but he for some divine reasons was dropped on Kubwa express and the ritualist continued the journey with the others. I have taken him to Kubwa phase 4 police station to help him trace his way back home.

The boys picture is attached, please anyone with contacts of Benue TV should forward the picture to them. His name is Daniel.