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We killed our dad for sexually abusing us, teenage girls tell police



Three Russian teenagers , who allegedly murdered their father have revealed the reason behind their action .According to Mirror UK, the teenagers , Kristina , 19 , Angelina , 18 and Maria , 17 , confessed to jointly killing their heroine -addict father , Mikhail Khachaturyan , claiming they suffered years of appalling sexual , physical and emotional abuse .

Kristina told police : “ We hated him and we wanted just one thing to happen – either that he disappeared or that we never knew him .

“ We wanted him just to go away and never come back . ”
The sisters alleged that on the day of the attack he had threatened them with a knife in their flat near the Altufievskoe highway in Moscow.

One of the sisters had grabbed the knife and stabbed him , and the others joined in the attack , say reports .

The man tried to escape the flat but was attacked more and died near the elevator .

Friends and neighbours claimed the father was tyrannical and that his wife — the girls ’ mother — left him because of his abuse , while a son , now a student at Moscow University , had been “ thrown out ” of the home by the father .

Sergei , their brother , reported to be 21 , was quoted as saying : “ My sisters just could not have done it .

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“ I don’ t know what happened . I don’ t know who to believe. I have not lived there since I was 16 .

“ He forced our mother to leave too but I do not know what for . He wanted me to grow up a strong man .

“ If he beat anyone it does not mean he was a bad person . ”
In the dead man ’ s Audi Q 7 car police reportedly found two kilograms of heroin along with his arsenal of a pneumatic rifle , a smooth bore rifle , three pneumatic handguns, a signal gun , and a gas gun .

The three sisters have been charged with murder leading to a maximum penalty of 10 to 15 years in jail .