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Veteran Nollywood Star, Ernest Obi And Wife Welcome New Baby (Photo)



A veteran Nigerian actor, Ernest Obi has welcomed a new baby with his wife and he has shared the happy news with fans.

Ernest Obi

Ernest Obi, one of Nigeria’s pioneer actors, is currently a very happy man.

The actor is ecstatic and basking in euphoria as he and his wife welcome a new baby. Obi took to Instagram to share a photo of the newborn.

After he posted a photo of the adorable baby, he captioned it with a very inspirational quote.

“Blessed Beyond the Understanding Of Men I Have Consistently Been. Who Am I To Be Constantly Overwhelmed With Overflowing Grace Of D Almighty. OJIOFOR is Here. The Ikoro resounds For It Has Stories To Tell About The Birth Of A Son To D Land Of Ukpor,”

he wrote..