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Shocking: Statue Of Virgin Mary Spotted Crying ‘Real Tears Of Olive Oil’ Inside Catholic Church (Photos)



A statue of the Virgin Mary has been reportedly spotted crying real tears made of olive oil, startling devotees.

A statue of the Virgin Mary has cried tears of olive oil. This was revealed by Catholic church officials in Mexico.

Church leaders in New Mexico say the seven foot tall bronze sculpture is weeping the same chemical substance that, when blessed, would be sacred.

Photos and a video released by the church shows the statue with the liquid on the eyes, cheeks, mouth and chin within the church premises.

The Washington Post reports the type of oil coming from the statue would be used in the Catholic church to anoint parishioners.

The phenomenon is said to have started at the end of May and since then it has reportedly prompted people from all over to visit the church.

Investigators are said to have examined the statue and the surrounding area and there were no signs of tampering.

The manufacturer in Mexico has also denied it could be leaking or secreting some substance.

The priest, Reverend Jose Segura, has said in his 12 years of priesthood, he has never seen anything like it.

Judy Ronquillo, the business manager for the church, said: “It’s something extraordinary for him. He has no words for it.”

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Deacon Jim Winder said they have discovered no evidence that the events were man-made.