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Priest Comes Out Alive From Ghastly Car Accident Without Serious Injuries (Photos)



A priest has managed to come out alive from his badly mangled car after he got involved in a ghastly motor accident.

In what will come across as a miraculous development, a priest has managed to escape tragic death after getting involved in a serious accident on a highway.

The story was shared online by an Enugu-based man, Okey Okibe, who took some shots of the priest. The accident had actually happened some time before but the priest came back to the scene of the crash to reminisce on how he survived.

Talking about his survival, he said: “It’s just miracle. I don’t just know how to explain. It’s God’s doing and it’s marvelous in my eyes. I just can’t imagine me coming out alive from this vehicle”

Explaining how it happened, he said that a speeding jeep was trying to dodge a trailer that broke own and in the process came ramming into him from the passenger side.

He went on to reveal that the area where he had the crash, is actually accident prone.

According to him, the only injuries he sustained were very minor cuts on his hand and head.

Watch the video below of him talking about his experience below:

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