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My Experience With A Bus Driver Who Is A Law Graduate – Young Lady Shares Story



Here is the story of a young graduate who due to the unemployment rate in Nigeria, was forced to take up menial job so he can sustain his family while waiting for a better job.

A Twitter user identified simply as Beth (@icecoldmidsss) on Twitter, has taken to the social networking platform to share a story of her encounter with a commercial bus driver in Lagos.

The young lady revealed that as soon as she took the front seat of the bus, she knew the driver was a graduate due to his spoken English.

She said that as they kept on talking, the man disclosed that he graduated about four years ago but could not go to Law school because he did not have enough money.

Here’s how Beth narrated the story of her encounter below;


“I was in a bus today & I decided to sit in front. The driver’s English was so clean and fluent and I found that really impressive. On the dashboard I saw a book on constitutional law or something and I asked if I could read it.

He was like sure. I asked if it was his. He said yes. I opened the book and started to read. Then I asked if he studied law. He said yes. ‘Why aren’t you practicing?’. His response was ‘it’s a long story’.

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I became quiet for a while, sensing that the conversation was starting to make him feel somehow and he didn’t want to continue. Then I asked how long it had been since he graduated. Man said 4 years. ‘You have to go to law school after you graduate right?’ He said yes. ‘Why haven’t you?’ His reply was ‘I don’t have enough funds’.

I was more than heartbroken. So I continued the conversation with him and basically, he has been a bus driver for a while because all he’s tryna do is put food on the table. And hasn’t been using his degree because he doesn’t have enough funds.

Then I asked ‘if you get enough money to go to law school and be called to bar, will you go back?’ His answer was ‘Sure! Why not? I would love to practice law more than anything in the world’.

Okay I don’t know how this works but I really would love to see this man follow his dreams and passion. So guys. If you’re willing to help in anyway, or you know someone that might be interested in helping this man, please send me a DM.

Also please feel free to mention individuals /organizations that you think can be of help. I will not hesitate to dm them as soon as possible. God bless y’all.”

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