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Minister Of Finance, Adeosun Must Clear Her Name Over Alleged Forged NYSC Certificate – SERA



The Minister of Finance has been told to stop keeping Nigerians waiting and clear the air on her NYSC certificate scandal.

Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has called on the Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun to without further delay show responsibility and clear the air over the damaging certificate forgery allegations against her and settle the facts of the case once and for all.

The organization said, “Suspicions of certificate forgery involving a senior member of the government if not urgently and satisfactorily addressed would weaken public trust in the government’s oft-expressed commitment to transparency and accountability.”

Several days after being accused of forging her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) exemption certificate, Mrs Adeosun is yet to make any official statement in reaction to the alleged scandal.

In a statement on Sunday by SERAP’s deputy director, Timothy Adewale, the organization said, “Clarifying the allegations of certificate forgery would show a commitment to doing the right thing, and a natural disposition toward openness. The continuing failure and/or refusal to speak to Nigerians on these allegations amounts to a betrayal of public trust. If she can show the courage to clear the air on the allegations, Mrs Adeosun can be a strong promoter of the values of transparency and accountability, something which the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has regularly expressed commitment to embrace and achieve.”

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The organization said, “The failure to address the allegations may create public anger and lead to accusation of cover-up. The public can become passive and cynical if it believes that people in position of public trust are out for themselves. It is the core responsibility of any senior public official to prevent that cynicism.”

According to the organization, “When those in position of public trust refuse to speak up on allegations bordering on certificate forgery, it invariably creates a psychological climate, a moral culture in which citizens are more likely to embrace illegal actions and choose to undertake them.”