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Meet Ronaldo’s Girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez



The 22-year-old from Spain is the Juventus star’s most serious love interest since he broke up with long-term partner Irina Shayk.
Cristiano Ronaldo may live most of his life in the public eye, but he has remained relatively secretive about his personal relationships since rising to footballing stardom.

The Juventus forward dated Russian model Irina Shayk for nearly five years until January 2015, when their break-up was described as “like a death” in the family by his sister Elma.

Ronaldo was linked to a number of women after that, but in the last year it became apparent that 22-year-old Spaniard Georgina Rodriguez is officially the Portugal captain’s partner.

Her attendance at a number of awards ceremonies, such as The Best FIFA Football Awards, helped to cement that view and she has since become a prominent part of Ronaldo’s family, very much as a mother to his children.

This is what we know about Ronaldo’s love interest.

Who is Georgina Rodriguez?

According to the Sun , Rodriguez is originally from the northeastern Spanish city of Jaca. It has a population of just over 13,000 and is near the French border, around 450km from Madrid.

She is said to have worked as a waitress in her hometown before moving in with a family in Bristol, England, as an au pair. More recently, she worked as a shop assistant in the Gucci store in Madrid.

Rodriguez is also a keen dancer but since meeting Ronaldo, it has been claimed she is pursuing a career as a model as a result of her new public profile.

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How did she meet Ronaldo?

Rumour has it that Ronaldo first noticed Georgina in the VIP area of a Dolce & Gabbana event in Madrid, though when exactly they started seeing each other is not clear.

The relationship seems to have progressed from there, though, and they started to be snapped by paparazzi together in public late last year. Most memorably, Ronaldo was caught in a wig and sunglasses in an attempt to disguise himself during a trip to Disneyland Paris last November.

Rodriguez has since attended Real Madrid matches and, of course, has been part of the family for the FIFA awards, attending the ceremonies with Ronaldo’s mother, sisters and son.

There was no real announcement of the relationship in photos posted on Ronaldo and Rodriguez’s Instagram accounts, but it has become plainly evident that they are an item.

What does the future hold?

With Ronaldo, who knows?

This relationship is clearly the most serious he has had since breaking up with Irina two years ago, a fact that is profoundly emphasised by the fact that Georgina recently gave birth to a baby girl – her first with Ronaldo and the 32-year-old’s fourth child.

Georgina also appears to get along well with his son, Cristiano Jr, who Ronaldo has full custody of and cares for with his mother, Dolores. The identity of Cristiano Jr’s biological mother has been kept secret since he was born in the United States in 2010.

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Indeed, Georgina is very much involved with all of Ronaldo’s children and is regularly pictured with all of them in seemingly tender moments.

The two have both made clear they are in love, and Georgina even spelled it out on Instagram. She was even there when Ronaldo’s yacht was inspected by tax agents in the Balearic Islands.

It’s confirmed that Georgina will move to Turin with Ronaldo following his move to Serie A side Juventus.

More children together may be something the pair consider, but perhaps the next logical step is marriage. We will just have to wait and see.

Does Georgina attend Ronaldo’s games?

Georgina has been spotted at several Real Madrid games, usually sitting beside and chatting to Cristiano Jr in the executive boxes.

She also took to the field to celebrate the Champions League final win over Juventus with the pair in June.

“My two loves,” she wrote as she posted an image on Instagram.

During the 2018 World Cup Georgina was spotted at Portugal’s games, cheering on Ronaldo from the stands.

In their final group game against Iran she posted a photo of herself wearing a Ronaldo No.7 shirt with the caption:

“Come on Cristiano. We love you”.