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Man Walks To The Middle Of Empty Football Pitch, Blows Himself Up



A man has shocked many people with his unbelievable action after he blew himself up on an empty football pitch.
It has been reported that a man who is yet to be identified, has died after blowing himself up on an empty football field.

The sad incident happened in the eastern Belgian town of Verviers in an apparent suicide.

According to a report by the Agence France Presse, AFP, this was made kknown by the city’s deputy mayor Hasan Aydin on Tuesday.

“The individual, whose identity is not yet known, blew himself up in the middle of the football field around 0830 (0630 GMT) in the morning,” Aydin told AFP.

“He was alone in the middle of the field,” he added.

“Suicide seems the most likely reason for the moment because if he had wanted to cause casualties, the man would have chosen another place at another time,” he added.

“It would seem that he is a European in his fifties and a former career military officer,” the deputy mayor said.

Contacted by the AFP, the federal prosecutor’s Office responsible for terror cases said that it was not responsible for this case, suggesting that police do not believe the incident involves terrorism.