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Lady Who Lived With A Disfigured Face For Nearly 10 Years Gets New Life After Surgery (Photos)



A woman who had lived with a disfigured face for almost 10 years, has been handed a new life after she underwent a surgery.

This is Yaya, a young woman who is currently a really happy person.

The 27-year-old lady, it was revealed, has lived with disfigured face for almost 10 years because of a tumor.

Yaya spent many years hiding her face and the tumor behind colorful fabrics because she was apparently too embarrassed by her condition.
However, she now has a reason to smile and put her face on full display. This is because Yaya has undergone a surgery to correct her deformity.

The young woman had her surgery on The Mercy Ships, a group of hospital ships in developing nations staffed by talented volunteers.

The Mercy Ships shared Yaya’s story on Twitter. Below they wrote:

“After spending nearly a decade hiding her tumor behind colorful fabrics, Yaya’s smile is now on full display.

“This 27-year-old fought for a future where she could see her young daughter grow up — and now, her daughter will see her tumor-free for the first time in her life!”