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John Ogu Angrily Condemns Video Of SARS Officers Brutalising A Young Man



A Nigerian footballer, John Ogu, has angrily reacted to the video of SARS operatives brutalizing a young man in Lagos.
Some days ago, a video went viral showing a Nigerian man receiving brutal assault in the hands of SARS operatives.

The video showed several SARS operatives surrounding the unidentified man and trying to force him into a bus. He however refused to proceed into the bus, an action which further infuriated the officers into beating him even more.

Nigerians angrily attacked SARS after the video emerged online, calling for the officers involved to be properly punished.

Now, footballer, John Ogu has joined in slamming the action of the officers. Reacting on Twitter Ogu described the incident as ‘very sad’.

He wrote: “So I was at home when friends from Israel who are Israelis sent me this video . I watched and tears came off from my eyes .

“Why should this act continue in our country . I think they are better ways to handle such situations. That a metal being used on someone’s child .

“Very Sad”