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Herdsmen killings: Where Buhari is getting it wrong – Ex-Speaker, N’Abba



Ghali N’Abba, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, has faulted President Muhammadu Buhari’s handling of the crisis between herdsmen and farmers across the country.

N’Abba said Buhari can’t resolve the crisis by working alone, hence he needs to engage communities and their leaders.

Speaking in Abuja over the weekend, the former Speaker said the current administration was not prepared to resolve the crisis which it inherited.

N’Abba said: “I think a long time ago, communities must have been engaged properly by this administration. I don’t think communities are being engaged. These conflicts have been raging on even before this administration and I thought the administration must have been prepared enough to meet with most communities where these conflicts have been taking place with a view to engaging them not on one-off basis but on a continuous basis. I don’t see this happening.

“I don’t think it has been handled in the most appropriate manner. I don’t think Buhari can handle this problem alone and the impression he has given most people is that he is working alone.

“If he wants to solve problems in this country, he has to engage many people as possible- elders, the party and everybody that can assist. Problems cannot be solved just by ruling and that is what I think they are doing and not everybody in the government possesses the right kind of wisdom for them to be able to solve these intricate problems.”

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