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Ghanaian Lawmakers Collapse With Laughter Over Obscene Village Names (Video)



It was laughter galore in the Ghanaian legislative chamber when the unsual and hilarious names of son villages were read on during plenary.
Lawmakers in Ghana collapsed into fits of giggles when an MP read out obscene names of villages in his constituency.

Ghanaian lawmakers in uncontrollable laughter

MP John Frimpong Osei began to list the names during a debate about electricity, with the giggles coming not long after he mentioned Etwe nim Nyansa, which, when translated from Twi language into English means “V*gina is wise,” according to the BBC.

But the MP soon had the Ghanaian parliament roaring with laughter when he read out other village names, which variously translate as “P*nis is a fool” (Kote ye Aboa) and “Testicles are Sad” (Shua ye Morbor).

Osei listed the names as he was asking when the areas would get access to electricity.

Energy Minister. Boakye Agyarko. joked: “Providing them with electricity may interfere with nocturnal activities.”

Agyarko then confirmed a survey would be conducted into how the villages in Abirem, in Eastern Region, could become connected to the national grid.

The BBC reports that many Ghanaians had not heard of the villages until the clip began to circulate, which has left them to wonder why they came to be called such unusual names.

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Thomas Naadi, based in the Ghanaian capital Accra, says names are usually given by the first settlers in those communities, being drawn from the life experience of those individuals.