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First Female Pilot in Akwa Ibom, Violet & Her Co-Pilot Husband, Mario Celebrate Their 10th Wedding Anniversary (Photos) 



This is lovely. The first female pilot in Akwa Ibom, Captain Violet Aniema Medekong Enahoro, yesterday celebrated 10 years wedding anniversary with her husband 1st Captain Mario Enahoro, a Co-pilot with AirPeace. The pretty pilot is from Oron in Akwa Ibom state and married to a pilot from Edo state.
In an interview conducted some years back, Violet Enahoro revealed how she enjoys being married to a pilot and how they share stories about their work. In her words;

I’m married to a pilot and this works perfectly for me. They say pilots talk about flying a lot. It’s true, it never gets boring, no two days are really the same and usually I can’t wait to get home and tell him about some weird escapade and vice versa ( be at peace, pilots don’t take passengers up and hunt escapades). I also have a 3 year old and another on the way, which means I’ll have to stop flying soon.