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Fans blast Peter Okoye after he totally ignored brother’s twin birthday



Peter Okoye has finally drawn the line with his brother and family after ignoring his brother’s children birthday.
He has given Nigerians reason to believe that the feud between him and his brother Paul is far from over.

Nathan and Nadia Okoye the children of Paul Okoye turned one yesterday and colleagues, family and friends of the clan wished the little ones a happy birthday.

Their big Uncle, Peter Okoye totally shunned the event despite the fact that he was posting on his page.

However, his wife, Lola Omotayo Okoye, them a happy birthday with a beautiful message on her own page.

Was it an oversight or a deliberate act from Peter Okoye?

A number of his followers have stormed his page to call him out for the act especially as kids are involved.