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Check Out Top 3 Nigerian Music Stars Who Have Been Accused Of Song Theft (Photos)



Over the years, some Nigerian superstars have been accused of stealing songs and musical concept from other artistes.

There is no doubt at all that plagiarism has almost taken over the music industry as artiste find no big deal in stealing other peoples intellectual property.

Some say it is unavoidable since there are only so many notes on a piano and chord shapes on a guitar.

But others will swear blind that using a riff, melody, or tone of another artist’s song is stealing, ripping, robbing and thieving and is unequivocally wrong.

We take a look at these big name artists whose names of have been dragged through the dirt after they were accused of stealing music.

Peter Okoye

Peter Okoye, was accused by singer, Henry Knight, of copying and remaking his song without proper credit.

Henry Knight accused Peter Okoye (Mr P) of lifting content from his song, Ebeano, without proper credit.

The singer shared his grievances on his Instagram page, accusing big artistes of not helping the growth process of upcoming artistes.

Accompanying his lengthy caption, Henry Knight played both songs side by side to expose Mr P’s alleged attempt at copying his hook (chorus).

However, Mr P never publicly spoke of the matter. It is assued that they have privately settled the issue.

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Even before this claim surfaced, Wizkid has for a while been hit with all sort of song theft accusations, which got most people wondering if the ‘Pakurumo’ crooner, was not smart enough to write himself some hit song.

Dammy Krane, an artiste signed unto Tuface’s Hypertek records, took to social media to vent. From stealing materials to actually stealing the song Babanla, Wizkid, made our list of artistes who are kings of plagiarism.


This right here was like the epic of all song theft case in the history of the Nigerian music scene. The evergreen song, ‘African Queen’ powerfully rendered by Tuface became a smashing hit in no time, placing him in the hall of fame for legends in the entertainment industry.

African queen not only topped charts, it went global. It became the song, Hollywood practitioners could directly link with Nigeria without as much as scattering their Ed Sheeran locks (Their brand of dread). Reports also claim that the song African Queen was actually sung by a Jamaican, Sizzla Kolonji in other words, Tuface stole a stolen song.