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Boss Cuts Off Employee’s Manhood, Throws It To His Dog After Accusing Him Of Touching His Wife (Photos)



A young man is fighting for his dear life after his manhood was cut off by his boss because he believed he had touched his wife while drunk.

A 50-year-old man jealous boss identified as Permsak Petprasert, who hacked off his colleague’s manhood which was then eaten by dogs after he made a pass at his wife Ban Pong district of the city of Ratchaburi, Thailand, has claimed he slashed him with a knife to protect his wife after a boozing session.

According to The SUN, the suspect had agreed to let the victim, Suwit Thipjantha, stay at his home when he started working with him at a bus assembly plant in Thailand. The two men had drinks with another colleague at the house before Petprasert and the other worker went to get more supplies.

It was gathered that they left Suwit, apparently drunk in the house with Petprasert’s sleeping wife Tin. He said he saw her running from the building “in a panic” when he returned to the property, and Suwit walked out of the bedroom wearing only his shorts.

He told Police that he attacked Suwit with tools, knocking him to the floor, before cutting off his penis with a fruit knife. He reportedly threw the mutilated organ into shrubs and then asked neighbours to send Suwit to hospital.

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Police told Petprasert to show them where he threw Suwit’s manhood but he could not find it, as officers said they believed it had been eaten by a dog.

His wife told police Suwit was drunk and touched her arm when he went in to her room. She fled just as her husband arrived back. Petprasert has been charged with assault.