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Atiku speaks on ‘stealing’ public funds, reveals what Obasanjo would have done



Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President, has maintained that he never stole money while in government.

The Waziri of Adamawa, who was the number two man during the administration of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, said his ex-boss would have exposed him if he had stolen “government money.”

Abubakar made this disclosure while speaking with a veteran journalist, Dele Momodu.
He also declared that he was prepared to travel to the United States, US, if the country’s diplomatic authorities approve his application for visa.

Abubakar said he applied for visa at the U.S Embassy but was not granted.

He said Nigerian youth are being hoodwinked by the antics of his detractors, but acknowledged their boldness in challenging him over the U.S. visa baggage and other politically-toxic issues around his ambition.

“The youth have every right to ask and be answered convincingly. The youth of today are confident and bold. No leader can treat them as nobody.

“But in my case, they have been lied to about Atiku and fed with a lot of propaganda.

“If America says come today, I will board the flight and go there soonest.

“I applied to America for visa which was not granted. A man who is afraid of being arrested won’t go near the American Embassy, it is simple logic,” Abubakar said.

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He continued, “If America says come today, I will board the flight and go there soonest. Perhaps, America was fed with lies about me. It is normal in politics. The Indian and Kenyan leaders could not visit America at a time. America is not like Nigeria where we convict people on the pages of newspapers.

“I have thrown the challenge repeatedly that anyone who has any corrupt charges against me should come forward. I never stole government money. Do you think President Obasanjo would not have exposed me if there was any such act of stealing?”