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Actress Shirley Igwe Slams Ladies Doing Plastic Surgery, Fillers, Butt Raising



Shirley Igwe who has an appealing body which is all natural has taken a swipe at her colleagues enhancing their bodies through surgical operations.
Nollywood actress and producer, Shirley Igwe has advised ladies to avoid going under the knife as it doesn’t fill any void.

According to her, plastic surgery doesn’t give ladies confidence as people who indulge in such never stop as records have shown.

She wrote:

“Flashback Friday

Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Women need to stop feeling inadequate,Love yourself just the way you are, If there’s a void in your life you think need to be filled, work on your mind, soul, and spirit. Plastic surgery, injestion fillers, butt raising, liposuction can not help you fill any void.

The moment you get them done, there will definitely be another void you need to fill. Plastic surgery is not confidence.

I’m sorry ladies but, this is the truth, don’t be deceived. All that gilters is not gold. Go on diet if you need to shed some fat, eat right, work-out if you need to be in shape/toned.