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92-year-old mum shoots 72-year-old son dead



A 92 -year – old woman, Anna Mae Blessing , shot and killed her 72 – year – old son , Thomas Blessing , because he wanted to put her in a facility for the elderly .

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff ’ s Office , Anna Mae Blessing is facing one charge each of first – degree murder , aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping , reports CBS News .

Police were called out to Fountain Hills , Arizona , USA , where the family lives about 10 : 00 a . m . on Monday .

Blessing had been living with her son , Thomas Blessing, and his girlfriend in the girlfriend ’ s condo . They moved her in about six months ago from out of state .

“ According to statements provided by suspect , Blessing , and received by the detectives , she had been contemplating for several days her son ’ s intentions to place her in an assisted living facility , ” explained a news release from MCSO .

“ Blessing retrieved two pistols and concealed them in the pockets of her robe , then confronted her son in his bedroom . ”

MCSO said she shot her son twice before turning the gun on his 57 -year – old girlfriend .

While struggling with that woman, whose name has not been released , Blessing lost her grip on the gun . But she still had the second one .

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“ Blessing retrieved the second handgun and attempted to point it at the girlfriend , who knocked it from Blessing’ s possession , ” according to MCSO.

The girlfriend called 911 . When deputies arrived , they ordered Blessing to come outside but were met with silence . They found her sitting in her reclining chair , her son deceased in a bedroom .

“ As the suspect was being escorted from the residence , she made a spontaneous statement to the effect of “ You took my life , so I ’ m taking yours, ”‘ court documents read . ”

It was later determined during an interview with the suspect that she believed her life was being taken as a result of her son and his girlfriend attempting to place her into an assisted living facility , police said .

According to the probable cause for arrest statement, Blessing “ intended to kill herself , however , she didn ’ t possess any additional firearms . ”

In speaking with Blessing , investigators learned that she had owned the two guns — a revolver and a . 25 calibre pistol — since the 1970 s .

The first , she said , she bought at a gun store; the second was given to her by her husband before he died.

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She also told deputies the last time she fired either of the weapons was in the ’ 70 s .

The suspect stated she stored the two handguns on the floor under a shelf in her bedroom .

When Blessing was asked what she thinks should happen to her , she replied she should be “ put to sleep ” as a result of her actions .

Ninety – two – year -old Blessing is still in jail , held on a $ 500 , 000 bail .