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90% Of Men Prefer Fat Women – Actress Dayo Amusa Speaks Being Plus-size, Tribal Marks, Music Career



Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa, has insisted that Nigerian men prefer plus size women, saying that she was comfortable with her big size.

While speaking in an exlcusive interview with PUNCH Newspaper, popular Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa, shared some of her experiences about love, life, career and many more.

Here are excerpts from the chat:

You recently delved into music to the amazement of most of your fans, why did it take you this long to pursue that passion?

I think it took me this long to showcase my musical talent because I got more attention from my acting career which has spanned over a decade. I had to embrace my acting career and make sure my foot was solid on that soil. When I realised that I was fulfilled in my acting career, I decided to give my singing career a shot.

This is a talent I know I have always had and I even sing behind the camera or when I am with my friends. When I produced my movie, ‘Unforgivable,’ I did the soundtrack for it. A lot of people were amazed. The feedback I got was what made me put some seriousness into my music. I just felt it was another way to reach out to my fans.

You are an actress, a singer and a proprietress of two schools. How have you been copping?

I would say that acting and singing are both under entertainment, so I have a way of scheduling that effortlessly. Besides, my mother always says if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I do not rush into any venture; instead, I take my time and organise everything. I have a team that I work with, so it makes my tasks easy. It also helps me plan my life.

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The report that I have two schools is not entirely true; the edifice I have in Ibadan is actually a fun fare garden while in Lagos, I have a crèche and not a school.

Have you always been comfortable with your tribal marks?

Yes, I have always been comfortable with the marks. In fact, if they had been more obvious than this, I would still have been comfortable with then. This is the way people have always seen me from the beginning of my career, so why shouldn’t I flaunt it.

When you were growing up, did you like the marks?

I have never seen the marks as a problem; in fact, this is the first time my attention is being drawn towards my tribal mark.

As a plus size lady, have you always loved your physique?

As far as I am concerned, I have always been very comfortable in my own body. I realised that fingers are not equal and everybody has their own way of thinking and they are entitled to their own opinion, so I cannot crucify anyone about how they feel about my size. However, I have always been comfortable in my skin.

Has it been easy for you getting clothes you really love despite your physique?

It has always been easy for me to get clothes I like but there are times that you see some trendy outfits that would not fit because I am plus sized. Despite that, there are a lot of beautiful products for plus size women that would not even look good on slim girls. Yes, I know they do. Ninety per cent of African men would go for plus size women.

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Why do you think so?

It is because we are very ‘accommodating’. I think the only reason a man would go for a slim lady is due to the ‘slay mama’ trend on social media but when men want to settle, they go for plus size women.

It was reported that since you started your career in 2002; you are worth about $700,000. How true is that?

I am worth enough to live a very comfortable life.

Do you have a daughter?

I do not have a daughter. I have a little sister that a lot of people assume is my daughter. She is my mother’s last child.

Are you pressured by your mother to get married?

I get such talks from my mother but I also understand that she is doing that like any other parent would but as a person, you should not feel pressured to make certain decisions because everything would still be under control.

Based on some of your posts on social media, some people feel you have something against marriage

I cannot crucify people for their opinion. I feel that being a single lady is not a disease and you should not be cast out because some people feel that because you attain some certain age, you ought to be married.

We have a lot of people who got married at an early stage and the marriage broke up, there are some that wish that their marriages are over. For me, I always say that it is not a do or die affair.