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?BRT To Go Cashless By End Of 2018



Fola Tinubu, Managing Director and CEO, Primero Transport Services has revealed that services on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will be operated with a card system starting from the end of 2018.
Tinubu made this known in an interview with Punch Newspaper where he made it known that the card system will be introduced to prevent fraud and to generate revenue.

He stated, “With the new card system, we would be sure of what is coming to us and would have blocked leakages. Our target is that by the end of the year, nobody would board the buses without our cards. There are two sets of cards. There is the Lagos Connect, which can be used on our buses only and another one with Sterling Bank called My Fare, which you can use on our buses and also use in grocery stores with Point of Sale machines.”

Tinubu also said that the BRT scheme currently transports about 150,000 Lagosians on a daily basis but intends to increase that number by 50,000. He added that out of the 434 buses operating under the scheme, only about 240 are currently functional as a result of mechanical faults.