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Unbelievable: Family In Shock As ‘Dead Man’ Walks In On His Own Funeral (Photos)



A young man who was thought to have died, has shocked family and friends after he walked back home during his own funeral.

According to a report by Metro UK, a 20-year-old man shocked his family after he apparently walked into his own wake.

Juan Ramon Alfonso Penayo’s relatives had been mourning his death at his home when he reportedly rocked up to the gathering.

His family had thought he’d been killed in a gangland shooting in the village of Santa Teresa, Amambay, in Paraguay.

They even identified his burned remains and buried them, according to But Penayo was alive and had just not bothered to tell them where he was for a week.

Organised crime specialist Candido Figueredo told local media Penayo left his home last Thursday and had not come back.

We imagine his family were both pleased and annoyed with the young man who just casually walked back into his house while his family were in tears.

Penayo’s couldn’t be blamed for thinking he was dead considering areas in Amambay, which borders the Midwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil, are hotly contested between rival drug organisations.