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See The Biggest SUV Ever, The Russian-Made 8 Wheels Shaman All-Terrain Vehicle (Photos)



This is a picture of the vehicle which has been described as the biggest SUV in the world as designed in Europe.

Russia’s harsh environments like the snow ,swamps , steep terrains and deep waters are some of the factors that influenced this huge beast.

The 8-wheel drive Avtoros Shaman will tackle any terrain known to mankind ,from land to snow and even cruise easily through water. Each of its eight wheels can drive and steer independently.

The huge Avtoros Shaman 8 Wheeler is 6.3-meters long and 2.5-meters wide .It is about the size of two Range Rovers SUV’s and dwarfs the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6‘s six wheels .It consumes about 25 liters of diesel fuel in every 100 km cruise.

It has 3 different steering systems, allowing the driver ( who sits in the center just like Mclaren F1 ) to switch between On-Road using the front 4-wheel drive, Off-Road with active rear wheel steering and Crab Mode ,which turns all 8 wheels to move sideways.

The 146 horsepower beast is powered by 3.0-liter six-cylinder Iveco turbo diesel engine that is attached to a ZF 6 S 400 six-speed manual gearbox.

Its even cheaper than AMG’s G-Wagon and the Range Rover SUV’s.It has a base model price of N43m (£90k).

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