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Proud Father Watches His Quintuplets All Graduate From The Same University (Photos)



A father over the past weekend, had one of the best fulfilling moment of his lifetime, after watching his quintuplets graduate together from the same higher institution.
A proud father watched as his quintuplets all graduated from the same college on the same weekend, with degrees in five different subjects, Dailymail UK reports.

Enna, Maria, Emilio, George and John Diaz donned their caps and gowns to accept their certificates after four years of study at the University of North Texas.

The 21-year-olds who graduated with degrees in biology, finance, Spanish, social communication and art, also attended the same elementary, middle and high school, and even went to prom together.

Their proud parents Jorge, a salesman, and Enna Diaz, both 55, of Keller, Texas, watched as the siblings graduated last month.

The quintuplets, who were born within three minutes of each other in July 1996, lived in the same college houses and revised together in the library ahead of their final exams.

They all also worked part-time in restaurants, took out student loans and used the university’s financial aid program to put themselves through university.

But although the quintuplets shared many core classes, their majors could not be further more different.

‘Ever since they were born people were asking me how I would ever put five of them through college,’ Jorge, who is originally from Guadalajara in Mexico, said.

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‘It has been my dream to see them through college. Watching them graduate was the best feeling any parent can have but multiply that by five. We did it.’

George, a Spanish and logistics major, said he will never be as happy as his father was watching his quintuplets accept their degrees.

He said: ‘I don’t think I’ll ever be half as happy as my dad was when we graduated. It was always his main goal to get us all through college and he was like ‘Holy Moly, I did it.’

‘It was great to start something like college with my siblings and finish it together.’

The siblings lived in adjoining dorms for freshman and sophomore years, before moving into an apartment together.