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Petit speaks on Wenger replacing Zidane as Real Madrid manager



Emmanuel Petit has said his former Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, is unlikely to end up at Real Madrid, because of a “reputation for losing” in Spain.
Wenger, who stepped down after 22 years with the Gunners, has been linked as a possible successor to Zinedine Zidane, who resigned after winning a third consecutive Champions League title.

But Petit told Paddy Power: “I don’t believe that Wenger could ever end up at Real Madrid. Why? Because he’s had the opportunity at least three times before.

“For his own reasons he decided to stay at Arsenal each time, so I don’t see why he would change his mind about that now, even though he’s no longer at the club.

“Also, this is not the word I would use, but Arsene does have a reputation in Spain for losing, largely because of the Champions League.

“The way he would want to manage a club is not the way things work at Madrid either. It is a very political club. The pressure, the way the president is always involved, he wouldn’t have the freedom he had at Arsenal.

“So I don’t think he would be a fit for the Real Madrid job.”