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Noble Igwe Kills Cow As Chieftaincy Title Is Conferred On Him In Grand Style (Photos)



A popular Nigerian blogger and socialite has taken to social media to announce his conferment of chieftaincy title.

Celebrity blogger, Noble Igwe has joined the league of red cap chiefs after being conferred with a chieftaincy title in his community.

He took to his page on Instagram to share the news today. He could be seen posing with his kinsmen while the slaughtered cow could be seen in the background.

Humble Igwe posing with elders of his town as he is conferred with Chieftaincy title

He wrote: “Thank you very much, yes I have been conferred with a title in my place. It means that I am now a titled man in my place. You know how we in Lagos in how we wear red cap here and can’t wear it at home, now I can do that.

Also now when I go for an event at my place, I can now carry a cow there because that is the highest form of respect for a titled man. You know the famous Igbo handshake which we all know, now I can actually do the handshake with my fellow red cap Ogbuef.”