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Meet Yakiboy, Instagram’s Famous Heavily-tattooed Body Builder Living Lavish Lifestyle (Photos)



An inside into the lavish life of the Instagram-famous tattooed body builder, who sleeps in Versace bed sheets, have luxury cars and even a gold-plated handgun lamp.
A heavily-tattooed gym junkie who calls himself a ‘Muslim Shia soldier’ has built up a legion of followers by documenting his lavish lifestyle online, Dailymail UK reports.

The Sydney-based powerlifter, who calls himself Yakiboy, frequently posts images of fast cars, hard workouts and naked selfies to his 62,000 Instagram followers.

But recent photos reveal the true extent of Yakiboy’s day-to-day excess – including $180,000 luxury sedans, Versace bed sheets and a lamp fashioned from a gold-plated Beretta handgun worth more than $1800.

Among those, the social media star constantly inundates his followers with flexing gym shots and naked selfies – using little more than a pizza slice emoji to cover himself – that show the full extent of his elaborate body art.

He also trumpets motivational mantras such as ‘Don’t expect to see change…. if you don’t make one’ and ‘You’ve only got 3 choices: Give up, Give in or Give it all you’ve got!’

Another more provocative caption reads: ‘You’re sleeping at night, you wake up and find me in your house, my balaclava hiding my face and my RIG FIT undies hiding my anaconda. What you going to do in this situation?’

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Yakiboy has previously drawn criticism from a handful of his social media followers, with critics denouncing him as a contradiction to the Muslim faith.

Other followers have suggested Yakiboy’s tattoos are haram, or forbidden by Allah in the Islamic faith.

‘Tatooed [sic], alcohol and Muslim? I don’t think so,’ one commenter posted. ‘I wish you “body build” the brain too mate,’ another wrote