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Handsome Pilot And Fiancee Take Romantic Pre-wedding Shoot To The Airfield & Cockpit (Photos)



Nigerian couples are gradually taking the idea of pre-wedding photo shoots to a whole new level and this is clearly reflected in the photos of this adorable couple whose love story has inspired people on social media.
A Nigerian lady identified as Mrs Reen Udeze, has taken to her social media platform, Instagram,

@diary_of_a_pilot_wife , to share some lovely pictures from their stunning pre-wedding photo shoot and had nothing but good words and accolades for her hubby.

She used the opportunity to talk about her husband’s focus and attentiveness and the real reasons why she chose to marry her pilot lover.

Read her lengthy piece below;


“Why I Chose Mr Pilot”

As difficult as it is to convince some people that it wasn’t just an attraction and it wasn’t just a meet today and fall in love thing, I’ll stand firm to say, I chose Him for reasons I’ll be sharing.

God’s will: I didn’t marry just who I love, I married the will of God. As difficult as it is to put it across to you and to convince, I wouldn’t have said Yes if it wasn’t the will of God (I’ll one day talk about how I knew it’s God’s will).

He misses me and shows it: He knows it that long stint of radio silence wasn’t good for me and he made sure he showed he miss me, I had a phone where I had 360 of his messages; when he was busy, he dropped messages and when we see, he hugs me and means it.

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He appreciates me: I know how easy it is to see the things that haven’t been done than the ones that have, not for Him!. He appreciates and says thank you for the ones I couldn’t do.

He supports my dreams: As big as my thoughts are, he supports me and thinks along with me. He tries to find out the deep passions of my heart and is always willing to talk about how to get there and willing to help me because he knows better that when I’m fulfilled, I’m a better woman and a better wife.

When he’s with me, he’s with me alone: I don’t fight with his phone for attention. I’ve seen put chats on mute for me, block numbers, turn off phone, ignore even emergencies. He makes every moment we spend together count.

He has eyes only for me: He began to understand that things like flirtation bring the self esteem of a woman down. He worked on himself for me. I am the only one he desires without a cloth; it makes me stronger and confident.

I didn’t marry just who I love but God’s will #Make18

In the process of trying not to live under God’s permissive will I met a PILOT. Truth is, I didn’t really care if it was God’s permissive will or not. I made my plans and began forcing God into accepting my plans. The very important thing I learnt during this process was not to plan and invite HIM(God) but to let him plan and invite me,no wonder Jesus was willing to say “Nevertheless, no my will but yours be done”

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Being his girlfriend came with so many challenges and roles. I found out he lived his life on the go and sometimes was unavoidably away from me(even though we agreed to see every month). I just knew it would take strong commitment and a forgiving heart to get to the end of it especially when I know I was seeing a really young one that spent almost no part of his late teen age and early twenties with his parents.