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Nigeria is on The Verge Of Extinction Under This Administration – Atiku Abubakar Blasts Buhari



Presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar has hit out at the APC for the mismanagement of the country claiming that things are so bad, we may very well not have a Nigeria in the near future.
The former Vice President said this during a visit to the Peoples Democratic Party secretariat in Uyo, Akwa Ibom.

He said while speaking; “The country is in its worse state today. I have never seen it since the civil war. Ethnic division, north against south, this is very very dangerous for our survival as a country.

“We must do all what we can to address this situation. We have to unite together to arrest this, otherwise you would one day wake up and find out that we don’t have a country, God forbid.

He also added that it was highly unfortunate but that those who put Nigeria in this situation aren’t even part of the struggle.

“We may end up with 25-27 PDP states in Nigeria, because every part of this country is fed up with this government. And this is the most intolerant government I have ever seen in this country. And unfortunately for us, he was not even part of this struggle.

“The situation in APC states is horrible. You cannot even meet like this. They are intolerable because they were not part of the struggle for actualization of democracy. If PDP was like this, there would not have been any opposition party in this country.

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“Let us therefore unite and make sure that we free this country and our people from this situation. The political restructuring of this country is inevitable, whether we like it or not.

“We must deploy resources and powers to the federated units of this country. If states and local government areas are given more resources and powers, the people would hold them accountable”.

He concluded by saying that he is ready to do the job required but only with the help of the people around him.

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