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I am addicted to dating married rich man – 26 year old lady



A 26-year-old lady identified as Lacey Jay has come out to open up on her addiction to rich married men . And in her confessional statement, the model revealed that she became addicted to dating married men while trying to get back at her own unfaithful boyfriend.
According to Dailymail, the beautiful woman said she ‘revenge cheated’ on her 27-year old body builder lover when she discovered he was secretly dating other women behind her back.

She embarked on a fling with a rich married stockbroker 10 years her senior, which led Miss Jay to seek out other affairs with wealthy adulterous husbands after she was lavished with gifts.

Miss Jay, of Guildford, Surrey, said:

‘I’m now addicted to having affairs. I’ve got a taste for richer, older men now and I don’t think I will be able to stop – and they are all men who wanted to embark on affairs before I came along.

‘It all happened by accident when my boyfriend started cheating on me with a string of other girls.

‘I suspected he was up to no good because he changed the PIN on his phone and he started going out more frequently with his mates.

‘I wanted to trust him but some friends tipped me off one night and I caught him red-handed with another girl.

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‘He promised he would not do it again and that he would remain faithful but still refused to give his phone PIN so I could check who he had been speaking to. He is typical of men my own age – none of them can be trusted and they have no respect for women.”

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