How to verify your adsense account address with ID card

Didn’t get you adsense account address verification pin? Then this post is for you.

Most of you living in Nigeria knows how difficult it is to receive your adsense address verification pin from NIPOST, we all know NIPOST is dead and forgotten. Mails are either lost on transit or never sent. Google knows this so they have presented us with an alternative which works like magic. In fact you can get your account verified in less than one hour.

So if you having issues getting your pin this post is for you. Read below so see how to verify your account when your pin isn’t delivered to you after 3 attempts.

After you must have requested for pin 3 times and you didn’t get any delivered to you. Wait for 4 weeks after you requested for the 3rd one and if you still didn’t get the mail then Google will provide you with an alternative option to fill a form for ID verification. But if you didn’t see that you can click HERE to access the form directly.

Next scan your the ID you want to use, you can use your national ID, voters card, temporal national ID with NIN, etc. Just make sure it’s a valid means of identification that is generally accepted.

Now, follow these steps:

  • Go to your AdSense account. Log into the dashboard.
  • Go to the section of ID verification
  • Fill out the form, giving all the authentic details. If you can’t see this like I said click HERE to access the form directly.
  • Click on upload document and then upload your scanned ID.
  • Click the submit button

After this, you need only wait for the AdSense team to reply. It can take up to 30 minutes. Your account will be verified, and then you will have complete access to your earnings & once you have reached the payment threshold, you will be paid.

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