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UNILAG Female Student Arrested For Stealing Her Boyfriend’s ATM Card To Buy Iphones 



A final year female Unilag student was arrested today for stealing her boyfriend’s ATM card and using it to buy an iPhone 8 and X on Jumia.According to reports, the lady bought other items on Jumia too. However, her boyfriend, in collaboration with Jumia, traced the buyer to Unilag’s Moremi Hall where the delivery was made.

That was how the suspect was arrested and handed over to the school’s DSA. An eyewitness said: “It appears, she’s been scamming guys with her friends for a long time.

When the Jumia officials came to the hostel, she hid the phones in a bag and threw them in the dustbin. The girl is actually using an iPhone 7 Plus. However, upon realizing what was happening, the boyfriend demanded that the case be dropped.”

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