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The Bible Is Not Against Divorce – Apostle Alfred Williams



A popular UK-based Nigerian preacher, Apostle Alfred Williams, has disclosed that, contrary to popular belief, the scriptures is not against divorce.
The General Overseer of Christ Faith Tabernacle made this known in an interview with Vanguard published on Sunday.

The preacher, who was speaking about what he had unlearnt in his 30 years as a cleric, said, “One of the things I had to unlearn is dogma. I will tell you issues like things we were raised with, issues like you cannot divorce. When my knowledge increased, I discovered that the scripture didn’t really say that. But in the area of doctrine, there is nothing to unlearn because doctrine is verbatim as written in the scriptures. And also my affiliation in England changed my concept about women, how women should be treated which doesn’t exist in Nigeria.

How wives should be treated in the family, which some of the cultures in Nigeria is assassinating. The culture in Eng-land, the good part of it has retuned my mind. Also, in the way we look at sinners, in those days when we were S.U, we say if you sin you will go to hell. I recognize that when people sin, we shouldn’t send them to hell, we should show them way out and reconcile them.”

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In the same vein, Williams described as a “scam” insinuations in various quarters of an orchestrated attempt to Islamise Nigeria.

He urged those using the nation’s membership of Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) as basis for such insinuations to come up with stronger arguments.


He said, “That’s another scam. Who says there is a plot to Islamize Nigeria? Let them give us the blueprint on TV and show us the plan so that all of us will know there is a plan. Let me tell you this, Ezekiel 22 is the problem and solution of Nigeria. It talks about the godless prophet and government officials and there’s no one to inter-cede so God said I’ll pour my wrath.

“So, if they want to Islamize Nigeria, are you just knowing that Nigeria is a member of Organization of Islamic Countries OIC? Did Nigeria not have Christ-ian presidents? Obasan-jo was a Christian, why didn’t he take us out of it? Jonathan was a Christian president, why didn’t he take us out of it?

“Why can’t church leaders in this country say that we are not an Islamic country and take Nigeria out of this thing? So, if they cannot, who want to Islamize Nigeria? It’s those Christian lead-ers and all those people who live a life of greed.”

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