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See How Dead Bodies Are Transported To And Fro The Mortuary In DR Congo



Photos have shown how dead bodies are usually transported to and fro the mortuary in communities in the DR Congo.

The rather stunning manner in which dead bodies are usually transported to the mortuary and from it  in DR Congo communities, has been revealed.
Photos showing the trend were shared online by one PK Kasirim and have since gone viral.
Kasirim explained that “boda boda” riders i.e commercial motorcycle riders are employed to carry dead bodies to mortuary by tying the corpses behind them on the bikes. They then ride along the road to carry out the assignment.

The same happens when the corpses are to be brought back home for burial.
Kasirim’s post has caused quite some buzz on social media as people alien to the trend express their surprise.
See another photo below:

See his post below…

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