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Rivers State Pastor prophecies about kidnap, frees victim miraculously



A Twitter user @tillytate20, who took to Twitter to challenge Christians who practice powerless Christianity, further disclosed what a Rivers State Pastor did in tweets which has long gone viral.

According to the Twitter user, the Rivers State Pastor reportedly prophesied about kidnap, obtained the kidnappers’ numbers miraculously and also instructed them to free their victim. She concluded by saying it is no scam, because no money exchange was involved.

@tillytate20 tweets reads;

So in church today, pastor prophesied about a woman whose husband & children were kidnapped. She came out, pastor called a number & told her to dial it, when she did, it was the number of one of the kidnappers. Pastor spoke to him and asked him to free the captive & he agreed.

It was amazing, watching the woman talk to the kidnappers on phone, then the pastor takes the phone and talk to the kidnappers telling him who he was, and how the call is in a church and everyone can hear and hearing the kidnappers finally agree to free the husband and the kids

This is not a lie, everyone, this happened on Easter Sunday. You may disbelieve or believe but it did happen. The father’s house church in Port Harcourt, is a place to be.

If you don’t begin miracles, that’s fine, but please don’t insult a pastor or church or Christianity. If you practice a powerless Christianity, I don’t. The Bible says signs and wonders shall follow them that believe.

or those saying is a scam, no money exchanged hands. The church is one of the few church I know that don’t focus on offerings, tithe and seed sowing. They don’t even emphasise miracles and money there. Its more of a worship and teaching church.

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