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Popular Nollywood actress almost dies after alleged backside enlargement surgery in Turkey



Curvy is the trend for many ladies these days, ladies go above and beyond to get the perfect body shape. Most ladies do exercises and eat healthy to get the perfect backside, figure and breast.

However, there are some that go through easy but risky way. These category of ladies do plastic surgery to get the best figure they desire.

There are reports that an unnamed Nigerian actress who falls into this category almost died while she was getting a backside enlargement surgery.

According to Kemiashefonlovehaven, the actress who was described as petite had gone all the way to Istanbul, Turkey to enlarge her backside had almost died.

It was reported that the unidentified actress had gone to Istanbul for a birthday party when she decided to get the surgery. The actress had allegedly fallen into a 5-day coma at the hospital after the surgery. The actress was almost presumed dead until she recovered.

According to the source who revealed the scoop to Kemiashefonlovehaven: “What we knew was that she and her colleague, who is also a very good friend of hers, had gone to Istanbul Turkey for a party organized by one of their male fans for them. That was in February 2018 and they had a nice time. She flooded her social media handles with photos of the Turkey shindig.

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Just before she returned to Nigeria , she must have decided to have a cosmetic surgery in Istanbul. For a body enhancement surgery, you would assume it was harmless and less complicated. But after the surgery, this actress was said to have fallen into coma for five days.”

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