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Pastor Sentenced To 10 Years For Drug And Gun Trafficking



A Georgia Pastor has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for engaging drug and gun trafficking.Minister Cedric Mainor may be in big trouble with his parishioners. The church may be at the moment preparing to get a minister to lead the folks in the mission as the lead parishioner is apparently on his way to the prison.

Cedric Mainor of New Beginnings International Outreach Ministry in Georgia was convicted of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine and crack cocaine and being a felon possessing a firearm.

He was sentenced by United States District Judge, Lisa Godbey Wood on Friday.

Cedric Mainor is the main preacher at New Beginnings International Outreach Ministry in Georgia. His ministry is part of a religious convent of churches across the Southern States. According to the judge presiding over his case, he kept a weapon tucked underneath his church robe, and an additional firearm inside of a cubby-hole carved inside of a bible.

The judge then went further to mention that Pastor Cedric is not fit to occupy the position of leadership, not especially in the church.

Pastor Cedric Mainor has been charged in connection with an active drug trafficking organization. When police raided his home they found 20 guns, AR magazines, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and drug paraphernalia. Get this, he was holding Sunday service on 6 prior felonies.

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Nobody in his parish tried his authority prior to learning of his misdeeds. Apparently Mainor even put his son to work as a drug runner, leading to the boy’s death in September.

Authorities say most of the weapons were stolen.

This isn’t the preacher’s first conviction. He had previously been convicted of six prior felonies.

The pastor is currently in holding at Chatham County Detention Center while he waits to be transported to federal prison.  It’s safe to say his days as an Officer of the Lord are well behind him.

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