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Offa bank robbery: Video emerges of how incident happened [WATCH]



An unverified footage of the Offa bank robbery, Wednesday surfaced on the internet from a Closed-Circuit Television, CCTV.
Recall that armed robbers had on Thursday, April 5, invaded five banks in Offa, Kwara State, killing scores of residents, including policemen, bank workers and passersby.

The four-minute video clip of the incident showed that the robbers struck at 4.41pm with a woman and her daughter entering into the bank as two men chatted at the door of the security post.

All of a sudden, there was chaos in the area as gunfire directed at the bank rent the air, sending everyone scampering for safety.

Scene of the incident Photo: CCTV screen grab

Two gunmen then emerged from the low fence gate of the bank, shooting into the security post, while someone returned fire from the inside.

The gunmen dodged behind the security post and waited for a few seconds.

The assailants jumped out of the bank premises from the back of the post and returned with more weapons, including what appeared like grenades.

While this was happening, a haze of smoke regularly drifted through the atmosphere, suspected to be the effects of the blowing up of the entrances with dynamite – as later alleged by security men and witnesses.

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One of the gunmen tip-toed towards the door of the security post and attempted to throw a grenade into it, which exploded outside. He returned a second time and threw another grenade through the window, as he ran far for cover.

Thick ash smoke enveloped the security post as the grenade exploded. The suspects, apparently satisfied that the coast was clear, picked their bags and ran towards a place suspected to be the entrance into the main building.

The robbers kept running to and fro the bank compound with bags of what appeared to be money.


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