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Nigerians react as Buhari signs White House register



Few minutes after a photo of President Muhammadu Buhari signing the White House register after his arrival at the White House for a meeting with President Donald Trump on Monday evening, surfaced on the internet, Nigerians have already taken to Twitter to react.
Some of the comments seen on the comment section of the photo shared on the Presidency’s official Twitter handle @NGRpresident, questioned what Buhari was signing, while some applauded the Nigerian President.

Here are some comments we saw;

  • I pray he knows what he is signing because recently he is fund of not knowing anything that happens around him.
  • I no want hear sey you signed the country away without knowing ooi
  • PMB is now a celebrity, even Trump is struggling to take picture with him.
  • Ladies x Gentlemen, @MBuhari just sold Nigeria. Let’s gather at Nnamdi Azikwe Intl Airport so we can collect either cash or Cheque for our own share to go to any country of our choice. Thank you
  • That big smile on Trump’s face.. Like when a yahoo boy just catch a very rich mugu
  • This one baba is smiling and signing…i hope you read the terms and conditions very well before signing ?
  • The last time i check,PMB sold our youths to UK government… This time around hope he’s not selling off Nigeria a whole to USA government!!!!!
  • President Trump is Broadly Wiser than Shit Hole Presidents, So He is PMB Lecturer while PMB remains Trump Student. Lecturer watches his Student doing his Assignement. Nigerians should wait to see the Examination Result soon.
  • When u send 86yrs president dat is in his drastic decline when bipolar, alyslum and order syndrom we all will be slave since he cant ready; for Trump is deceiptive.
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