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Nigerian Doctor Calls Out University Of Enugu Hospital For Serving Gross Food To Doctors



A medical doctor at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu has called out authorities of the hospital as regards the food served to doctors on call.
According to an Instagram user identified as Loki, the doctors are billed N400 for the non appetizing meal which is not deemed fit for students talk more of medical doctors.

A close look at the strange looking food exposes the politics carried out as the meal also lacked significant meat or fish and one is forced to wonder why N4oo is deducted from their salaries for this meal

Medical doctors, moreso the ones in teaching hospitals are known to work tirelessly to save the lives of human beings and heal the sick are sadly subjected to this ill-treatment with the food looking small in quantity, watery, unpresentable and scary to eat as it appeared like remnant

Up until the time of this report, the authorities of the medical institution, are yet to respond to the allegations

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