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Newly Married Brides: Why We Abandoned Our Wedding Guests To Write Examination At Benue State University



Two newly married bride who are graduating Mass Communication students of the Benue State University (BSU) in Makurdi, abandoned guests on their wedding day and rushed to school to sit for an examination. Had they failed to sit for the exam, it would earn them extra year in school.
Deborah Atoo and Dorcas Atsea – both final year Mass Communication students of the Benue State University (BSU) in Makurdi – found themselves in a dicey situation, last Saturday. Both were faced with a risky choice of either going ahead with their weddings or leaving their guests in the middle of the ceremonies to write an examination in school.
After weighing their options, both brides hurriedly left their grooms and guests at their respective wedding venues to sit for COM 402 examination holding the same day. The course titled: Media Law and Ethics, is compulsory for all final year students of the department.
Their colleagues were taken by surprise when Deborah and Dorcas arrived at the examination venue in their wedding gowns. The examination hall erupted in excitement as the brides were led to the front, where they sat comfortably to write their papers.
The examination, which was initially scheduled to start on February 14, was rescheduled to commence on March 26 in order to allow school fee defaulters to pay up. But, the students had already fixed their weddings prior to the release of the examination timetable.
Writing exam on her wedding day was heartbreaking for Deborah, who is now Mrs Abom. She said the development brought her pains, having planned the wedding ahead of the exam. According to her, she had initially planned to be absent for the paper because she could not convince the Head of the department about the need to be shift the exam.
She said: “When I discovered that the date of my wedding is clashing with the day I am to write my final paper, I broke down in tears and thought the examination was planned against me. If I missed the paper, I would not be allowed to graduate because it is a compulsory course. I knew tears would not solve the matter, after considering the stress I passed through. I went to the HOD to explain my plights, but he told me there was nothing he could do
“The HOD referred me to the exam officer, who told me same thing. This moment, I became worried and thought I could not make it. I even thought of canceling the wedding but invites had been dispatched. But, at the end, I came out victorious. I am happy that I sat for the exam and my wedding still goes on as planned.”
Their classmates described their actions as “courageous and exemplary”, saying the brides’ decision to sit for the exam on their wedding day was an indication of their determination to acquire education.
Faith Imoh, their course mate, said she was overwhelmed with happiness when she saw the brides walking into the examination hall.
She said: “We were all happy both of them sat for their final paper. It is not an easy thing to do on their wedding day when their absence could lead to disruption of plans. I can imagine the stress of reading for a tough exam on the eve of their wedding day. I pray God see them through in their marital lives.”
The course representative, Jennifer Agburu, said she was surprised to see the brides in the examination hall.
“I have once heard about it, but I did not personally witness any bride writing examination on wedding day. But, I just saw two colleagues sitting with us in the examination hall clad in wedding gowns. These brides earn my respect. It was indeed a remarkable day.”
The lecturer taking the course, Dr Benjamin Ogbu, said the paper could not have been postponed because of the students’ wedding. He praised the students for their courage and determination to achieve their academic pursuit.
After the examination, jubilation erupted in the hall as the final year students congratulated themselves for seeing the end of their programme. Some of them went on wild celebration, pouring muddy water on one another to mark the end of their studies at the institution.

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