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My husband only likes s*x through the anus – Woman cries out



A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to seek advise on an issue disturbing her mind at the moment. According to the woman, her husband does not like having s*x with her ‘through the opening God made for that’, he prefers to have s*x with her via the anus and at the same time wants her to conceive.

A friend of the lady shared the story on Facebook and it appears that she wants to know if it is possible to conceive through anal sex.

My husband only likes sex through the anus - Woman cries out lailasnews

As posted on Facebook by the woman’s friend:

“A woman friend of my complained to me that since she got married with her husband which is two years now that her hubby does not like having s*x with her through the opening God made for s*x instead He prefer s*x through the anus and they are looking for fruit of the womb and she want to know whether it’s possible to conceive through that way I told her am not sure but let’s hear from other people pls no insult she needs help thanks”

According to WebMD it is not possible for a woman to conceive through anal sex. The explanation goes thus:

Very simply, pregnancy occurs when a male’s sperm fertilizes a female’s egg. This occurs when a man ejaculates semen, which contains sperm, into a woman’s vagina. The sperm then move into the uterus, where they fertilize an egg if they find one. If a man ejaculates into a woman’s rectum during anal sex, no pregnancy can occur since human eggs only reside in a woman’s reproductive tract.

However, because the anus and the vaginal opening are located close to each other, it’s possible – though unlikely — semen could inadvertently be deposited near the vaginal opening, which could lead to pregnancy. For example, if a man ejaculates outside the rectum during anal sex, the semen could be deposited on the woman’s vulva (the outer area of the vagina). If any of this semen made its way into the vagina, the sperm could possibly make its way into the uterus and fertilize an egg.

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