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Listen! We pushed propaganda against Winnie and set her up’ – Paul Erasmus, Former Satcom officer



On the eve of the Screening of the documentary ‘Winnie’, Former apartheid-era state security police officer Paul Erasmus who worked for Stratcom, says they were tasked to deal and neutralise Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.
He explained that during the apartheid era ‘there were people who they could deal with and those they had to neutralise.’

“We were given a list of names…of people the Nationalist government saw they could deal with. And there were people who had to be eliminated and Mama Winnie was on it.”

— Paul Erasmus, Former Satcom officer

“I can tell you that 90% of that stuff was utter rubbish and figments of my very fertile imagination.”

— Paul Erasmus, Former Stratcom security police officer

Erasmus says he was nervous when he met Winnie as he could not hide the truth from her. He says from that moment they reconciled and he became close to her family.

Erasmus states that rumours emerged that he was having an affair with her.

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“Unfortunately, I’m not proud of it. If could turn the clock back I would do it. I have spent many years trying to correct the perception about Mama Winnie.”

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— Paul Erasmus, Former Stratcom security police officer

Erasmus further states that he went to Soweto to ask about the Stompie Seipei case. He says no one could provide the evidence.

Collaborating his story, Foreign editor at Independent Media, Shannon Ebrahim says it is crucial that the Winnie documentary is aired tonight.

“The very sad thing is that when you look at headlines in the Western media today – US, Britain, and Australia – they are still calling Winnie Mandela a murderer and the abuser of children.”

— Shannon Ebrahim, Foreign editor at Independent media

The struggle stalwart will be laid to rest this Saturday in Orlando, Soweto

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