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Lady Refuses To Accept Boyfriend’s Breakup, Says He Widened Her VeeJay



A twist of event as narrated by Twitter user @solange_blaze, had a girlfriend refusing to accept her boyfriend’s breakup announcement, and her reason was just simple and straight; ‘he damaged her veejay with his big dick’.

The lady who held on to her boyfriend’s cloth after he told her he is opting for a breakup, allegedly said no guy will keep her for a long term because her boyfriend who now wants to be her ex, damaged her.

Here’s @solange_blaze tweet;

So yesterday, a guy broke up with this girl and the babe refused to accept and she insisted it’s forever together. I asked her why can’t you just let go and move on, she replied ‘His dick is too big, nobody will keep me for a long term cos he has totally damaged me’.

Omo when I hear the reason, me sef tell the guy to reconsider he decision. Aunty say na tap hole before but he don turn am to well

Lawrence come see holding of shirt, aunty say the boy nor get where he dey go

With the way she was sounding yesterday, I believe she’s certain another commissioner wouldn’t be up to par at all. Na only God know Wetin that guy carry take knack her

It is her fault she saw it before allowing him, it wasn’t an accident it was her choice and her loss.

You ain’t never lied. I told her this and she told me that her body decided with time to adjust to it

Lady refuses to accept boyfriend's breakup, says he damaged her VeeJay lailasnews 1

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