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‘If my man cheats on me while pregnant, I’ll kill him and the baby’ – Twitter user



Following the viral report of NBA player,Tristan Thompson who cheated on his girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian with multiple women while she was pregnant, a Twitter user identified as Kandi has lent her opinion to whoever wants it on Relationships and Infidelity.

However Kandi’s followers who were shocked with the tweet, questioned eager attention.

Replying the tweets, Kandi wrote;

In the wake of cheating allegations, Khloe Kardashian’s fans have left hundreds of thousands of angry comments on Tristan Thompson’s Instagram. I guess it just goes to prove that if you come for the queen, you’re gonna deal with her constituents. And her constituents are PISSED.

According to Us Weekly, over 270,000 upset comments from Khloé’s fans have descended upon Tristan’s Instagram, and the barrage doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Check out some of the ALMOST 300,000 COMMENTS on this post Tristan did about some dumb sunglasses.

Here’s a sampling of the posts — which all begin with “I hope” and are also hilarious? Khloé’s fans are smart and funny!

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realtristan13 ?? @ferragamo sunglasses are always the perfect accessory and of course look good on a man. Photo by @keithemorrison for

@GQ and @NeimanMarcus . #GQxNeimanMarcus

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“If my man cheats on me while I’m pregnant im killing him & the baby. Fuck that.” she tweeted.

However Kandi’s followers who were shocked with the tweet, questioned eager attention.

“What he did he did you wrong I take it personally because I grew up of someone that cheated on the most important person in my life so for me I see as he’s losing out on the best thing that would come in his life but all I’m saying is don’t take it out on the child” Her follower tweeted.

Another asked her specifically ; “What the baby ever done to you.?”

Replying the tweets, Kandi wrote;

“LMAOOOOOOO it was a damn joke now I’m being attacked on twitter”

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