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‘I haven’t had s*x for 3 months now, it’s sad people crave to be baby mamas’ – Huddah Monroe



Kenyan socialite and Big Brother Africa housemate, Huddah Monroe, in her social media rants which came with a sexy photo, disclosed that she’s not on a nigga diet and haven’t had sex in 3 months.

Huddah Monroe who admitted there are hot guys on Snapchat, disclosed that she took a decision to be celibate for 6 months and she’s already on her third month. She further disclosed that it is sad that people crave to be baby daddies and baby mommas, instead of the ‘mom and dad’ family settings. According to her, she can’t raise her child without a father figure.

Her Snap rants reads;

There are some hawt niggas on Snap yo! And I’m on a “NO NIGGA DIET” right now. No sex for 6 months. I’m trying to beat this challenge, I’m on month 3…..who with me?

For those asking asking me why I’m not having a kid yet…..I’m waitin on God’s timing – plus My BIGGGEST fear in life is to be a single mom. I cant raise my kids without a father. Or a father figure. It’s important to me that my kids have their dad there. It’s just sad that people crave to be baby mommas and baby daddies. No longer – Mom and Dad typa family settings…..and you wonder what’s the next generation gone be like?


'I haven't had sex for 3 months now' - Huddah Monroe says lailasnews 1

'I haven't had sex for 3 months now, it's sad people crave to be baby mamas' - Huddah Monroe lailasnews 2

This is coming after Huddah Monroe in one of her 2017 rants, disclosed that she is against the idea of getting married.

The petite beauty who took to Snapchat to make this known, said that she does not want to get married, ever. Even more surprising is the fact that if she ever did get married, it would not be a Nigerian man.

“Everyone has their preferences and for me, I don’t ever want to get married. And if I do, may God forbid, not to a Naija man,” Huddah wrote.

Her reasons?

“These domestic violence stories and their polygamous ways is a no to me,” she added.

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